I am an artist based in the West Highlands of Scotland and my work is a combination of printmaking and embroidery. I enjoy spending my free time outdoors whether that’s climbing mountains or travelling Scotland in the campervan. I love being immersed and influenced by wild Scotland and this is the subject of most of my work.

My degree in Printmaking shows throughout my work with the main processes I use being linocut and drypoint. I also touch a little bit on process artworks. For my process artworks I use embroidery to portray different physical human acts. Each stitch represents that act, may it be taking a breath or taking a step. I let the embroideries flow naturally into their own shape and this acts as a stitched record of the act. I want this record to not only illustrate a repetitive action but also for the end result to be an attractive and intriguing piece of art. I find the standard dimensions of a postcard a pleasing size to work around and this new series of work compliments this.

When I’m not in my studio I continue to explore, journey and be inspired by wild places. After all, outside is free!